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Ayrton Senna's 11 years in F1


For its first season in Formula 1, Ayrton is very quickly pointed out at the wheel of the poor Toleman-Hart. After only two races, it gains its first points with the championship of the world and at the Great Price of Monaco, under a beating rain, it threatens Alain Prost for the victory. It is the anticipated interruption of the race which prevents it from gaining, but right now, the small wonder is located by the professionals of F1



After one year of training at Toleman, Ayrton Senna is found this year there at Lotus. The British car is powered by a V6 Renault turbo-compressed. The pilot of Sao Paulo affirms his talent more and more, in particular under the rain and gains his first GP over the circuit of Estoril in Portugal.



The six Renault cylinders of the Lotus is the most powerful engine of the plate but it is also greediest in carburant.Le payment in 1986 is very strict because it limits the quantity of gasoline to only 190 liters per race, that penalizes Ayrton and frequently obliges it to slow down its course. Its gains two races but it carries out eight pole-positions during this championship.



It is the year when Lotus tries out the suspension actives in order to recreate famous " the ground effect " aiming at plating the car on the track. But the technicians run up against the programming of electronic software particularly difficult to develop, with large preoccupations with a reliability. All this does not facilitate the progression of Ayrton Senna, with two victories in Monaco and Detroit.



Judging average the technics of Lotus really too insufficient, Ayrton changes of team. It joined McLaren where it finds a fellow-member doubles Champion of the World: Alain Prost. The superiority of the red and white cars of Ron Dennis, propelled by the Honda engine is obvious. And one attends a race in the race since the duet Senna-Prost gains fifteen successes out of the sixteen races of the champion ship. It is in Suzuka, at the time of the last sleeve, that Ayrton Senna celebrates its first world crown on the fields of Honda.



The competition of the duet Senna-Prost and the rancœurs within the McLaren team will explode throughout the season. Never they will behave as team-members but rather as rivals. 1989 will be the year of the polemic between the two champions and the behaviors in extreme cases of the sporting rules. Paroxysm will be reached with the last Grand Price of Japan where the two protagonists will cling and it is Alain Prost who caps his third crown.



Senna-Prost still and always, but Ayrton remained at McLaren, Alain went to join the prestigious Ferrari team as well as possible with a car of its form. One should not any more to sharpen the piloting of the Brazilian one. The pilot of Ron Dennis will be to face the assaults of French grace has all his talent what will give us splendid combat of giants who will turn to the advantage of... Senna, and once again the attribution of the title will decide in Suzuka by a Senna-Prost fixing.



This year, there will be no Senna-Prost duel because Ferrari of the French behaves: " It's a truck". The principal adversary will be Nigel Mansell on Williams-Renault. The superiority of its machine is obvious compared to McLaren. But once again, Ayrton will manage to contain its adversary by its talent and its skill in particular in Monaco where one will remember a long time the last turns when Nigel tries by all the means to take again the command, without arriving there.



The history is not repeated and all the class of Ayrton Senna will not be able anything against the superiority Williams controlled by Nigel Mansell and Ricardo Patrese. These cars with our very advanced active suspensions, and of a Renault engine at best of its form, they will leave in Ayrton only three victories. It will often complain about the lack of regularity and power about V12 Honda compared to the French engine.



Honda leaves the competition and one thinks that the Brazilian pilot will sign at Williams-Renault. But Alain Prost will oppose it firmly not making a point of having an awkward adversary in his TEAM. It is a large disappointment for Ayrton because it deserved to control the best car of the moment. By the force of the things, it will remain at McLaren modestly propelled by the Ford engine. Its combativeness has enabled to him nevertheless to gain with five recoveries during the championship. It is in Australia that it will gain its last victory whereas its transfer at Williams-Renault was known.



Alain Prost having given up the competition, plus nothing does not prevent Ayrton Senna from joining the stable of Frank Williams. He carries out finally his dream ten years after having tested a Williams F1. The champion of Sao Paulo smells himself again motivated in acquire the fourth title of his career. Its fellow-member is the British Damon Hill and all the team is welded around her leader. The first two races will be virgin of all points in spite of two new pole-positions. May first, at sadly the GP of San-Marino, Ayrton springs once again at the head, but its life will stop to 180 km/h in the curve of Tamburello... Senna God died but the Senna legend was born.

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